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RAD-AX® SKG Series Submersible Pumps
Awarded Breakthrough Product of the Year, 2016
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SKGF Series


Cast Iron:         
High Temperature/High Endurance

Some applications require specially designed pumps capable of handling high temperature liquids, up to 200°F (93°C). BJM Fahrenheit® pumps are designed and constructed to pump clear or solids laden liquids up to 200 DEGREES FAHRENHEIT. The BJM cast iron F-Series submersible pumps are excellent in sumps where liquids are too hot for any other submersible pumps.

Featuring patent-pending RAD-AX® Dual Shredding Technology, the SKG 'F Series' is designed to obliterate difficult solids in high temperature installations. Items previously considered difficult or near impossible to pump are effectively handled by the innovative design of the SKGF. The robust construction prevents downtime and reduces maintenance for longer life. Top features include:

·      RAD-AX® Dual Shredding Technology (Patent-pending) featuring radial and axial shredding elements.

·      Hardened 440C Stainless Steel (HRC 55) shredding elements.

·      Controlled Shredding System Efficiency to alleviate potentially high surge load to the motor.

·      Large solids size passage through impeller and volute, coupled to a high torque 4-pole motor (2, 3, & 5 HP) for large solid shredding.

·      Oil-lubricated Double Mechanical Seal design, with separate lip seal to protect the motor.

·      Heavy Duty SOOW power cable and Seal Minder® cable - for early warning pump and motor protection.

·      Trimmed Impellers - BJM Pumps® offers two impeller trims for each SKGF model to expand hydraulic coverage.     

The hard metal shredding elements, impeller and cover plate materials provide maximum wear resistance for long, efficient shredding life. Hardened cast iron construction stands up to rough handling and the effect of abrasives.

Motor winding protection and (NEMA) Class R motor insulation allows motor temperatures to rise 428°F, without damage, superior to pumps with Class A, B, F or H insulation materials. Automatic thermal switches embedded in the motor windings protect the motor if the temperature or amperage rise too high. When the motor cools, the automatic switches will reset and allow the pump to restart.

Model Motor
Rating HP
Voltage Rated Amps Discharge Connection Max
Max Head Max GPM Phase
SKG15CF-208 2 2086.33" NPT-F 34.5'190 3
SKG15CF-230 2 23063" NPT-F 34.5''190 3
SKG15CF-460 2 46033" NPT-F 34.5'190 3
SKG15CF-575 2 5752.33" NPT-F 34.5'190 3
SKG22CF-208 3 2089.453" NPT-F 41'300 3
SKG22CF-230 3 23093" NPT-F 41'300 3
SKG22CF-460 3 4604.53" NPT-F 41'300 3
SKG22CF-575 3 5753.23" NPT-F 41'300 3
SKG37CF-208 5 20814.73" NPT-F 42'410 3
SKG37CF-230 5 230143" NPT-F 42'410 3
SKG37CF-460 5 46073" NPT-F 42'410 3
SKG37CF-575 5 5755.53" NPT-F 42'410 3