Rugged Submersible Pumps for Harsh Applications


Industry Spotlight:

Improve your Food and Beverage Processing Efficiency

Our pumps can handle most of the solids, food residue and waste you produce, as well as the wastewater and stringent chemicals used to keep your equipment clean. This keeps your cleaning time efficient to maximize your production time. Our specialized pumps handle the challenges that food and beverage processing plants face every day.

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Commercial Buildings
Construction Dewatering
Food & Beverage
Mining, Minerals & Aggregate
Municipal Water & Wastewater
Oil & Gas
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Product Spotlight:

SKG Series

Solve your toughest solids handling submersible pump challenges with BJM’s SKG Series pumps with patented RAD-AX® Dual Shredding Technology. The SKG Series pumps’ optimal performance and longer service life save you maintenance and repair costs.

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