Direct In-Line Pumping System

What are the worst parts of your wastewater pumping system?

The costs of having to pull the pump for cleaning and unclogging? All the muck and residues that fill your wet well? The smell? Hearing your employees or co-workers complain about all of these?

Industrial Flow Solutions knows your day-to-day struggles all too well. We have a system to help you eliminate all of these issues. Our new Direct In-Line Pumping System is a true innovation in wastewater pumping technology.


Almost all of your typical issues are related to the wet well. The Direct In-Line Pumping System eliminates the wet well with a dry solution that cleans itself and requires minimal maintenance. Effluent feeds directly into the pumps from the point of entry without water loading or a wet well. This system:

  • Averts dangerous gases (H2S)
  • Eliminates smells
  • Prevents sand and grease accumulation
  • Avoids equipment corrosion and structural erosion
  • Removes obstructed float switches
  • Makes pulling pumps or climbing into the wet well unnecessary
  • Provides perpetual access safety
  • Reduces maintenance time and costs


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Direct In-Line Pumping System Key Features & Benefits

Variable Speed Drives allow for continuous modulated pumping directly from the effluent inlet to save energy.

The patented Impeller serves as a shredder by changing its direction of rotation to cut fibrous materials and other solids to be able to pass through the pump. This feature provides for a self-cleaning function to reduce maintenance and repair costs.

The SCADA System offers remote control management for resetting, unclogging and monitoring to save on maintenance time and costs.

Other benefits of the Direct In-Line Pumping System include:

  • Immersible IP67 IE3 motors ensure performance ratings necessary for pumping stations are met
  • Easy installation and maintenance save time and money
  • Available for both new installations and retrofit applications


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