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RAD-AX® SKG Series Submersible Pumps
Awarded Breakthrough Product of the Year, 2016
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Pumps Improve FSMA Compliance and Maintenance Efficiency


The challenges have never been greater in the food and beverage industry. FSMA regulations require more clean-in-place and a rigorous washdown schedule. Our pumps can handle all of the solids, food residue and waste you produce, as well as the wastewater and stringent chemicals used to keep your equipment clean. This keeps your cleaning time efficient to maximize your production time.


Low maintenance and high endurance make BJM Pumps the reliability leader. We work closely with you to recommend the right pump for your applications to avoid clogs. And, minimal maintenance means you don’t lose time and money. Our durable, long-life pumps handle your toughest challenges to keep your plant running, even in 24/7 environments.


Unscheduled downtime and clogs mean lost time, production and money. BJM offers features like our Seal Minder® moisture detection early warning system and our “three seal motor protection” to prevent leaks. Our products require minimal maintenance and are engineered to avoid costly clogs or back-ups.

Our Promise

For more than 35 years, BJM Pumps® have been reliably serving food and beverage companies across America and around the world. In this time, we’ve built pumps to serve the specific challenges of this growing industry. We work closely with our customers to define needs and select the right pumps for their application. 

Pump Power Below the Floor

BJM Pumps gives you submersible pump power below the floor because if your pump isn’t working, your business grinds to a halt. Our specialized pumps handle the challenges that food and beverage processing plants face every day:

  • High volume rinse water and runoff
  • Oil, grease and animal fats
  • Pits, skins, rinds
  • High-temperature wastewater and solid waste
  • Corrosive and abrasive fluids
  • Caustic and acidic chemicals used for cleaning
  • Unexpected plastic, metal, wood or rubber that find their way into their wastewater stream.

Our existing BJM Pumps food and beverage applications include:

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