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When large groups of people gather in a commercial building or institutional setting, the variety of solids entering the sewage and wastewater lines is formidable. In hospitality, dormitory, hospitals or prison environments, clogged pumps are one of the biggest threats to efficiency. A seized pump in a people-filled building triggers not only labor costs but potential lost revenue, health and safety issues and poor customer/patient/inmate relations. Our shredding pumps handle the bulk and toughness of solids in any commercial situation. Solids management in commercial settings has been successfully managed by BJM Pumps.

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Commercial Building pumps

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Commercial Buildings Case Studies

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Case Study
Shredding the Evidence

We’ve all seen it in movies…prison inmates sneaking cigarettes and other contraband from one person to another while guards are not looking; and while these scenes from cinema may be highly dramatized, the reality is that goods do get smuggled throughout prisons and correctional facilities. One correctional facility located in the Great Plains region had to deal with the very real consequences of smugglers’ tape being flushed down toilets.

The Challenge

While there is great effort made to restrict the flow of contraband throughout a prison, this correctional facility struggled to keep unwanted materials from entering the sewage system.

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Case Study
BJM Hits A Home Run With Its Custom Solution for Denver’s Coors Field

Baseball — it’s America’s national pastime. An outing to the ballpark is steeped in traditions encompassing everything from food and drink — peanuts and Crackerjack, hot dogs, and of course beer — to singing “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” during the 7th Inning Stretch. The game can conjure up memories of simpler times or just provide a fun way to pass a few hours on a warm summer night.

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Case Study
Lift Station Uses SKG RAD-AX® Submersible Pumps

The Company

Goforth Williamson Inc. provides pumps, pump repair, and field services to industrial and municipal markets in the Southern United States. Over the past few years, GWI has completed several pump repairs for a company specializing in building maintenance services.

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