Construction Dewatering

Reliable and efficient construction dewatering pumps speed the construction process, saving time and labor costs. In any dewatering application, the water removed is rarely pure, but mixed with sand, silt, coal finds or spent drilling mud. These abrasive liquids often need high head and flow rate to clear the site. They also rely on a pump that will hold up to the constant flow of gritty materials. With BJM Pumps, you’ll find the dewatering pump with power available for any construction challenge.

Read our case studies on how BJM Pumps have solved dewatering demands for construction. You’ll see why other construction professionals like you rely on our pumps for their most difficult sites.


Construction Dewatering Case Studies

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Construction Dewatering
Case Study
Top Considerations for Construction Dewatering Submersible Pumps

Dewatering is an aspect of almost all construction projects. Examples include lowering the water table prior to excavation, removing standing water or planning for rainfall. Overlooking or underestimating dewatering increases your costs and causes delays in construction.

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