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Pumps used in general industrial practice face an unlimited mix of potential solids, slurry and wastewater ingredients. In various industries, acidic or alkaline wastewater, wood bits and bark, animal hide and fats, metal scale and filings, sand, gravel or coal may enter the pit. If the pump clogs, not only is there downtime, but danger to the worker who drops into the pit to manually clear away clogs. The injury potential is high during this manual process. For pumps that can handle sharp or bulky solids, withstand the caustic, hot wastewater and reliably perform day in and out without clogs, our industrial customers come to BJM Pumps.

Our case studies below present real-life proof of the daily durability of our solids handling, high temperature-high endurance and/or corrosion resistant pumps. Read more to see if your wastewater and solids pump solutions should come from BJM Pumps.

General Industrial Case Studies

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Case Study
Handling Raw Sewage? Select the Right Pump to Avoid Headaches

Chemical Manufacturer Stops Clogs & Flooding with SKX Submersible Shredder Pumps

Authors: Kelly McCollum, Regional Manager, BJM Pumps

Based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Ford-Gelatt (a SunSource company) provides industrial pumping equipment and repair services to the oil and gas, power generation, and chemical process industries. Over the past 25 years, service representatives from Ford-Gelatt have supported the maintenance team working in-house at a local chemical manufacturing facility. This chemical manufacturer is the second largest producer of chemicals in the United States, and they have worked with Ford-Gelatt for over two decades to source and select pumps for a variety of applications.

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Case Study
Plywood Producer Drastically Reduces Maintenance Expenses by Switching to High-Temperature Submersible Shredder Pumps

The Companies

Arkansas Industrial Machinery (AIM), a distributor of high quality air, gas, and liquid handling equipment, has supported a leading manufacturer of pine plywood panels for several years. As one of the world’s largest suppliers of plywood to the construction industry, this manufacturer has worked with AIM to source pumps and other industrial equipment for a variety of applications in their production facility.

When Barry Morgan, Industrial Consultant with AIM, learned about the excessive repairs that had been performed on a vertical turbine pump operating in the manufacturer’s condensation bark pit, he made a recommendation that enabled the plywood producer to drastically reduce their maintenance expenses.

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Case Study
Recycling Center gives New Life to Plastic Bottles using Submersible Fahrenheit® Pumps

Americans discard an estimated 34 million tons of plastic each year, creating the need for more plastic recycling facilities in the U.S. In September 2016, a brand new bottle recycling center opened in North Carolina to process about 75 million pounds of reusable plastic bottles.

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