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Submersible pumps are crucial to the mining and metals industry. They perform tasks that maintain operations to avoid downtime and to keep the miners safe. As such, mining, metals and aggregates companies need pumps that are durable enough to handle large, abrasive solids without clogging or failing. This includes rock slurries that many pumps are unable to handle. Our pumps can stand up to these applications from dewatering pumps to keep your mines dry or prevent flooding to heavy duty slurry pumps that can handle chunks of rock, coal, dirt and more.

Read the case studies below for how we’ve helped our customers deal with the mining and aggregates issues you deal with every day.

“Pump” Up Your Mining Performance

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Mining, Metals & Aggregates Case Studies

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BJM Pumps LWA Series
Case Study
Sand Fine Reclamation Becomes Cost Effective With BJM Submersible Agitator Pumps

The Company

Based in North Dakota, Industrial Equipment Sales & Service (IESS) has been providing high-quality pumps, parts, and services to the oil and gas industry since 1999. IESS was contacted in 2014 by a sand and gravel wash plant that was trying to find a more economical way to recover the sand fines that they had previously been lost in the process of cleaning aggregate. Sand fines, which are essentially granular sedimentary particulate, are typically required for the mixing of a high-grade concrete commonly used in oilfield applications.

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BJM Pumps KZN Series
Case Study
Frac Sand Reclaimed From Sump Using KZN Submersible Slurry Pump

The Companies

BPH Pump & Equipment Inc., an Illinois-based distributor of industrial pumps, has supported a Midwestern manufacturer since 2013 when they opened a mining operation that produces a range of silica proppants. Proppants are solid materials, such as treated sand or ceramic particulate, that are typically used in the hydraulic fracturing process to keep an induced hydraulic fracture open for optimal oil and gas extraction.

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Case Study
AOTCO Chooses BJM Perfecta® Series Submersible Pumps for Difficult Electroplating Environment

Modern metal plating is a process that was developed in the early 1800s. It’s now widely used for coating everything from chrome bathroom fixtures to parts used in the aerospace industry. Metal plating is the process of putting a thin coating of metal over another object (the work), which is also often metal.

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