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In the oil & gas industry, submersible pumps help with artificial lift, which increases the flow of liquid to the surface of production wells. These pumps also help with drilling by moving liquids, by pumping out liquids from conveyor systems, and more. Oil & gas is a rugged industry and requires pumps that are durable and can handle abrasive and heavy solids. Another helpful feature is a top discharge design which has two benefits: they don’t break off like side discharge connections can, and they are cooled by the pumped liquid so they don’t have to remain submerged to avoid overheating. BJM Pumps creates pumps that are built specifically to handle the challenges of the oil & gas industry.

The following case studies show how our pumps have helped solve specific customer problems.

Hard Metal Pump Solutions for Horizontal Directional Drilling Applications

Download our free Horizontal Directional Drilling Buyer’s Guide for Submersible Pumps to learn:

  • How hard metal pump components can minimize your downtime and save repair costs
  • The importance of a built-in hard metal agitator for preventing clogs
  • How companies like yours benefit from using our durable, reliable slurry pumps


Oil & Gas Case Studies

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BJM Pumps KZN Series
Case Study
Heavy Duty Slurry Pumps Make Light Work of Drilling Mud

The Company
West Texas Premix Pits (WTPP) is a Midland-based surface rental company that manufactures and sells premix pits, trash pumps and safety showers to oil and gas drillers in the Midland–Odessa area. Recently, some of WTPP’s clients were looking for an efficient solution for recirculating and reusing the drilling mud necessary for drilling new wells.

The Challenge

Fluids play an integral role in oil and gas exploration and production.

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Case Study
Submersible Pump Perfect for Petroleum Coke Sump Service

BJM Pumps’ KZN heavy duty submersible, with agitator, effectively passes Coke fines without clogging. The Company


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Case Study
Drilling Mud Case Study

The Company

Throughout the United States, hundreds of companies work every day to discover and develop onshore oil and natural gas fields. Thousands more drill deep into the earth to bring water to the surface for commercial, industrial and residential use. Some of these firms are just a few employees in size, while others are among the nation’s largest corporations, with thousands of employees and tens of thousands of wells.

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