JX Discontinued Series

Side discharge submersibles are typically used in sump applications where the liquid level can be controlled and where the pumps are partially submerged when in operation. The JX models are designed for general pumping purposes where the passing or shredding of larger solids is not required. JX pumps are available in size 0.5 to 10 HP. Single-phase versions are from 0.5 to 2 HP 50 Hz models can be ordered at the same low price as 60Hz. Dual mechanical seals with the lower seal made of highly wear resistant Sic/Sic, for less downtime and long life. All "wet parts" are of highest quality 316 stainless steel. Wear parts are made of Cast material. The 0.5 to 5 H.P. JX pumps are made with PrecisionCast Parts (also referred to as Investment Castings), the same quality that is used in aircraft and space vehicles due to it's superior density and strength. Other models are manufactured with sand cast parts. Elastomers such as gaskets and o-rings are made of FKM. Standard power cable is made of oil resistant quality, which works very well in most environments. EPDM quality cable and elastomers as well as BUNA elastomers are available on special order.
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    JX400SS-230 Curves
    0.5 230, 1ph-60Hz 3.8 2" NPT-M 1/8" 35' 66 1 Details