KBF Series

KBF Series high temperature submersible pump offers heavy duty dewatering and capabilities for light slurry applications including:
  • Food waste
  • Wash down sumps
  • Sand & gravel dewatering
  • Barge & tank cleanout
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Series Curves (PDF)
  • Abrasive resistant chrome iron components:
    • Agitator – to fluidize settled solids into suspension.
    • Wear plate – replaceable hardened surface on the suction side where erosion would cause a loss of pump performance.
    • Semi- open Impeller – to handle some solids.
  • EVERY KBF pump model is protected by:
    • Class R motor insulation – and built in amperage ( FLA ) and temperature overload protection.
    • Double mechanical seals – SiC/SiC – FKM lower & Carbon Ceramic FKM upper in a separate oil filled seal chamber.
    • Heavy Duty Lip Seal – additional protection for the mechanical seals.
    • Stainless steel shaft and shaft sleeve – saves on shaft wear due to abrasives and corrosion.
  • The KBF Series are top discharge pumps:
    • KBF pumps are utility pumps – frequently dragged from one site to another. The KBF doesn’t have a side discharge connection that can break off or be damaged as it is pulled and pushed into place.
    • Top discharge pumps are cooled by pumped liquid – The KBF pumps can pump a sump or pit down to within “inches” of the bottom. A side discharge pump without a cooling jacket must stay submerged to avoid overheating, leaving as much as 3 feet of un-pumped slurry.
    • Top discharge means “SLIM” – even the largest model with a 13.5 inch “waistline” will fit down a manhole with a hose attached.   High-Chrome Agitator helps keep solids suspended in liquid and helps prevent pump from clogging.
  • High-Chrome Agitator helps keep solids suspended in liquid and helps prevent pump from clogging.
  • Specifications dependent on model & may change without notice
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